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What is the MSDNAA?

The MSDNAA is the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) Academic Alliance. It is a program instituted by Microsoft to allow students, faculty, and staff at participating schools, such as ours, to download Microsoft software for free, as long as the software is used for academic purposes.

How to Use the MSDNAA

In order to create an account on the MSDNAA and download software, a student must have a Student Identifier. This is a code issued by the lab administrators. Each code may only be used once to register a single student. Thus, each student requires a different code. The codes are only used for account creation, and afterwards are no longer necessary.

How to obtain a MSDNAA account

Account creation starts with a unique student identifiers.If you are a Computer Science Department student, please contact your faculty and request an account.If you are a Computer Science Department faculty, please contact lab administrator, and provide the number of accounts you will need for your students. Please allow at least 24 hours for the codes to be emailed to you.

Policies Regarding the MSDNAA and Software Distribution

Thanks to the ease of use and convenience with which students may acquire software through the MSDNAA, we will no longer distribute CDs or DVDs of Microsoft software. All Microsoft software students require should be obtained through the MSDNAA, as detailed above.

Use of the MSDNAA is subject to the restrictions set in place by Microsoft. In particular, software acquired through the MSDNAA should be used only for academic coursework of Computer Science courses at Salem State College.