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Information Technology in Arts and Sciences Minor

The Information Technology in Arts and Sciences (ITAS) minor is an interdisciplinary minor program in the School of Arts and Sciences that was initiated and developed by a collaborative team of SOAS faculty. The goal of the ITAS program is to provide students majoring in traditional Arts and Science disciplines with learning opportunities to adapt and apply the notion of information technology fluency. The notion of information technology fluency means the ability to use information technology to synthesize, to express oneself creatively, and to manipulate the medium to achieve one's goals (Snyder et al, Being Fluent with Information Technology, National Academy Press, 1999).

The ITAS minor program aims at developing information technology fluency in three areas:
  • Concepts - fundamental principles on which information technology is founded, including basic ideas related to computers, networks, the Internet, databases and digital representation of ideas.
  • Skills - competence with contemporary computer applications and tools with the ability to transfer these skills to new applications and versions of software.
  • Capabilities - the ability to apply information technology in complex and sustained situations, which encapsulate higher-level thinking in the context of information technology.