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Information Technology Courses

ITC 100     Computers and Their Uses                                       3 cr.   DII
ITC 117     Computers in the Professions                                   3 cr.   DII
ITC 121     Introduction to Computer Graphics                         3 cr.
ITC 131     Word Processing                                                      3 cr.
ITC 132     Computer-Based Statistics                                       3 cr.
ITC 135     Computers and Planning                                          3 cr.
ITC 146     Programming in Java with Internet Applications    4 cr.
ITC 181     Fluency in Information Technology                        3 cr.   DII
ITC 183     Cyber-Security                                                         3 cr.  PGR
ITC 184     Introduction to Computer Networks                        3 cr.
ITC 190     Preprogramming                                                      3 cr.   DII
ITC 241     Spreadsheet Applications in the Professions           3 cr.
ITC 325     Database Application in the Professions                 3 cr.
ITC 500     Directed Study                                                         3 cr.

Note:   Information Technology courses may not be used in the Computer and Information Studies Major or the Computer Studies Minor.   Only the three ITC courses marked DII in the above list may be used for Distribution credit.