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Student Mailing Lists

The main purpose of a student mailing list within the Computer Science department is to enhance communication among its members. Every message sent to a mailing list is distributed to all the members. It is similar to a bulletin board, with the added bonus of sending the messages on the board to the members' email addresses without requesting its members to check the board continuously.

Please note that replies to individual messages on a mailing list are sent to the list as well as distributed to all the members just like the initial post. Therefore, please do not simply reply to a message sent to a list unless you really mean to communicate with all members of the list.

Currently, the department maintains the following two student mailing lists. 
For security reasons, the following links are accessible only from within the SSU LAN.

CS Major Mailing List -
Click on this link to join the "CS Majors" mailing list.
Note: To unsubscribe from this mailing list, please click the above link and go to the bottom of the page to unsubscribe.

SSU UPE Mailing List - Mailing List for Salem State University chapter of UPE Honor Society

Other Department-related Mailing Lists

Other Mailing Lists - Click on this link to find any department-related mailing list.