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Have you satisfied your Level I competency requirements?

The Level I competencies in Reading and Basic Math must be satisfied within completion of 30 credits at Salem State. If you have not satisfied them within that time, a registration "hold" will be placed on you record until they are satisfied. There are several ways to satisfy the competencies, all listed in the chart below:

Reading Comprehension

  • Achieve 410 or higher on SAT Verbal/Reading
  • Achieve a score of 68 or higher on the Accuplacer Reading Test
  • Complete a reading skills program through Student Academic Support Services
  • Achieve a GPA of 3.0 or better after completing 30 credits at Salem State

Basic Math

  • Achieve 500 or higher on SAT Math
  • Achieve a 72 or higher on the Accuplacer College Math Test
  • Successfully complete MAT 90 (no degree credit)
  • Achieve a score in the 50th Percentile or above on the CLEP (College Algebra-Trigonometry Exam)