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The second Salem State University Programming Contest

The 2nd SSU Programming Contest was held on February 27, 2013, Wednesday, from 4:30pm~7:30pm. It is sponsored by the Computer Science department and Programming Club. Dr. Beifang Yi is the organizer of the contest. The following CS majors participated in the Contest:

  • Andrew Brandt
  • Anthony Calabresi
  • Redi Cako
  • Zakarya Fadili
  • Michael Kaminsky (high school freshman)
  • Samuel Kato
  • Alexander Lora Lozada
  • Rajeev Maharjan
  • Sokkosal Mam
  • Rafaele Oliveira
  • Ritesh Pokhrel
  • Steven Sanchez
  • Samip Suwal
The following CS majors and Dr. Bo Hatfield provided much-appreciated assistance and help for the Contest
  • Suman Adhikari
  • Joseph Harris
  • Devin Gleason-Lambert
  • Prashant Uprety
The Contest winners (from left to right):
  • Dr. Beifang Yi (Contest faculty advisor and organizer)
  • Samuel Kato--FIRST place
  • Samip Suwal--SECOND place
  • Andrew Brandt--THIRD place

The first place winner, Sam Kato, who solved ALL six questions!


During the Contest




Professor Yi is monitoring the contest progress.

After-Contest Party

Checking Contest Results.





Dr. Bo Hatfield and Joe Harris


Programming Club President Steven Sanchez

First Programming Contest at Salem State University

The Computer Science department hosted Salem State University first programming contest on February 27, 2012. Dr. Beifang Yi is the organizer of the contest.
The following twelve CS majors participated in the Contest.

Beth Van Belle
Andrew Brandt
Roman Burdakov
Kyle Callahan
Hugh Gao
Mike Hedel
Najir Pandey
Charles Peabody
Binh Phan
Steven Sanchez
Charles Taft
Bryan Wallace

A CS freshmen who is taking CSC201J this semester, Charles Taft, participated. Two CS majors came as the Contest volunteers, Devin Gleason-Lambert and Cedric Okinga. Dr. Bo Hatfield provided much-appreciated assistance.

After two and half hours' contest, three participants stood out on the rank list (based on the ACM programming contest rules which are implemented in the Programming Contest Control System which we have used for the Contest--the ranking list was "notarized" by the two volunteers.):

1st place: Binh Phan
2nd place: Roman Burdakov
3rd place:  Hugh Gao