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NOTE: A significant number of computer science (CSC-prefixed) courses have been renumbered, with the changes scheduled to take effect Fall 2016. The renumbering was implemented so that CSC course numbers would more accurately reflect approximately when they might be taken in the context of a four year curriculum plan.


The course renumberings have been implemented in such a way that SSU's Degree Tracker system will automatically be able to recognize equivalencies – for example, Operating Systems was numbered CSC 280 through Spring 2016, but will be numbered CSC 381 effective Fall 2016. Students whose flowsheets require CSC 280 can take CSC 381 Fall 2016 and it will automatically be recognized as satisfying their CSC 280 requirement.


It bears explicitly mentioning that functionally no flowsheet requirements change as a result of these course renumberings. Some courses will have different numbers, but they will have the same title and cover the same material.