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Spring 2014
Capstone Project Presentations

Presentation Time Student(s)AdvisorProject TitleClass
8:45 am - 9:00 amSrijana BhattaraiHatfield, BoIEP internal report delivery systemCSC520
9:05 am - 9:20 amRajeev MaharjanHatfield, BoSalem State HousingCSC498
9:25 am - 9:40 amSamip SuwalBrikman, MikhailAndroid Inventory Management SystemCSC521
9:45 am - 10:00 amThomas MariniYi, BeifangWizards Never Die - 2D XNA GameCSC500
10:05 am - 10:20 amCharles TaftYi, BeifangSympathy ManagerCSC520
10:25 am - 10:40 amBeth Van BelleKasprzyk, JosephPlanit!CSC521
10:45 am - 11:00 amAlberto Beltran Kasprzyk, JosephPlanit!CSC521
11:05 am - 11:20 amZakarya FadiliHatfield, BoSSU GPA TrackerCSC521
11:25 am - 11:40 amWillis SchultzKasprzyk, JosephResume Builder ApplicationCSC520
11:45 am - 12:00 pmStephen CutlerBrikman, MikhailFitness TrackerCSC500
1:55 pm - 2:15 pmRoman Burdakov Kasprzyk, JosephClinical Questionnaires Project Redesign CSC500
2:20 pm - 2:35 pmStephen WilliamsHatfield, BoPax Populi Tutoring Service SchedulerCSC500
2:40 pm - 2:55 pmRatha SuonHatfield, BoVirtual Tour of Salem State Computer Science DepartmentCSC500
3:00 pm - 3:15 pmKen CarterHatfield, BoLVO-YNS Masters Swim-and-Fit Online Tracking SystemCSC500
3:20 pm - 3:35 pmSteven SanchezYi, BeifangPrisoner: A Source Engine GameCSC500
3:40 pm - 3:55 pmMichael HedelHatfield, BofrackerCSC521
4:00 pm - 4:15 pmFrank DaltonBrikman, MikhailPOS SystemCSC521

Capstone Project Descriptions:

Student Name Project TitleProject Description
Srijana BhattaraiIEP internal report delivery systemTo build an online application that delivers various IEP(Internal Effectiveness Planning) internal reports to SSU personals at various levels. The goal of the proposed project is to replace the current system with an online application to allow easy delivery of various IEP reports to the SSU personals with predefined privileges. Project member: Srijana Bhattarai Prashant Uprety
Rajeev MaharjanSalem State HousingTeam Members: Rajeev Maharjan, Farhan Khan. This project is going to be build for International office. This Project allows the Salem State Students to search for off campus housing. The goal of this project is to make the student easier to contact with the house owners around Salem by email and phone.
Samip SuwalAndroid Inventory Management SystemAndroid application that lets users manage inventory of systems in computer lab. The inventory is stored in MySQL database in a remote site. The app would allow users to add, systems, building, room, manufacturer, model etc information into the database. It would also allow the users to move existing systems from one location to another as required.
Thomas MariniWizards Never Die - 2D XNA GameThe project is a top down 2D video game that uses the XNA framework for graphics processing. It uses the Farseer physics engine for collision detection, applying forces to objects, and removing the objects as needed. The project also uses GIMP/Photoshop for creating sprites, modifying sprites, and creating the maps with an assortment of textures and sprites.
Charles TaftSympathy ManagerSympathy Manager is a proposed java desktop application that will allow companies to deal with and manage deceased clients. The application will have the ability to scrape obituary data from thousands of different sources and compare to a database, returning matches and likelihoods. I will utilize the JSoup open source library to implement this project as well as MySql database and WAMP server.
Beth Van BellePlanit!Team members: Albert Beltran, Devin Gleason-Lambert, Beth Van Belle. Planit is a web based time management tool that lets you take larger projects and break them down into parts to schedule. Project status and hierarchy are displayed in various ways to allow quick visual understanding of interrelationship and progress.
Alberto Beltran Planit!Team members: Albert Beltran, Devin Gleason-Lambert, Beth Van Belle. Planit is a web based time management tool that lets you take larger projects and break them down into parts to schedule. Project status and hierarchy are displayed in various ways to allow quick visual understanding of interrelationship and progress.
Zakarya FadiliSSU GPA TrackerDeveloped a mobile App to support computer science majors in self-monitoring a set of special retention rules. The mobile app was developed on Android platform with remote web server and database server support. Throughout the work, I have performed all development tasks required by the Android application's life cycle. Additional functions provided by the mobile app include what-if scenario planning.
Willis SchultzResume Builder ApplicationThe program adds inputted information to a word document file, and through this, builds a r?sum?. I've programmed the application in java with a GUI interface, and made good use of the Apache POI. A user would use the different text fields to describe an accomplishment, new skills acquired, and what they learned from the experience.
Stephen CutlerFitness TrackerAn android application that keeps people fit by tracking their nutrition intake and exercises. It has a calculator for body fat percentage and 1 repetition maximum. It keeps tracks of total calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates for the week. It also keeps track of most frequent nutrition and exercise. The records for exercises and nutrition are stored in lists which are easily accessible.
Roman Burdakov Clinical Questionnaires Project Redesign Survey - is a clinical questionnaires project/product in Vecna, where I'm currently employed. It offers multiple features to create, take, manage and analyze clinical questionnaires or surveys. I have redesigned project to use RESTfull web services and reach front end instead of old Struts/J2EE stack.
Stephen WilliamsPax Populi Tutoring Service SchedulerOther team members: Michael Chambers This project is a scheduling application for Pax Populi Tutoring Services. This application will allow tutors from different countries to schedule tutoring sessions with students from Afghanistan. Along with scheduling tutoring sessions tutors and students will be able to view their upcoming schedule to keep track of their sessions.
Ratha SuonVirtual Tour of Salem State Computer Science DepartmentThe virtual tour of Salem State University's Computer Science Department allows one to navigate through the SSU's CS department, as well as interact with its professors and tutors in a virtual world setting. Some features include: CS Lab views, Office locations, and a directory feature which allows one to jump to any location within the CS department.
Ken CarterLVO-YNS Masters Swim-and-Fit Online Tracking SystemThis project is an online tracking system for LVO-YNS Masters Swim-and-Fit program. Some of the functions implemented include: to establish a new swimmer for the group, to enter in a new swimmer?s times, to track swimmer?s progress, to retrieve swimmer?s information, and to allow a swimmer to edit his or her own profile. The project has been tested by the program?s personels.
Steven SanchezPrisoner: A Source Engine GameThrough the use of the Source SDK (software development kit) I've created a video game mod based on the Source engine. The game includes first-person shooter gameplay, interactive environments, and a story centered around escape. Through the use of simple Source engine classes (triggers, randomized timers, etc.) I've been able to create more complex effects such as a functioning mechanical device, a narrative flashback, and atmospheric weather.
Michael Hedelfrackerfor my senior project, i have chosen to participate in the complete software development cycle of an Android phone application the client has approached me with a dilemma: he parks his car in one of many free spots throughout the city, however after 4 days of doing other things has trouble finding his car... wouldn't it be great if with a touch of a button the location of the car could be saved and later retrieved?!
Frank DaltonPOS SystemThe backend portion of a sales system. It is integrated into a webstore that was found via OPEN SOURCE from microsoft projects. The open source aspect is SMARTSTORE.NET. As to which I have added this Point Of Sale aspect to. Using ASP.Net I am integrating with a MVC backend. This is a little different than my original idea. But, as well all know things change. I picked up a few techniques from working at the current internship that have caused me to redo my project a few times. The more I learn