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The purpose and objectives of this program can be outlined as follows:
to offer students a solid foundation in the core concepts of computer theory and computer systems;
to facilitate the employability of the graduates after completion of the program;
to immerse students in the complexities of formal theoretical treatment of computer science problems;
to develop mastery of software engineering principles and be able to apply them on development of industrial quality software;
to prepare students for an employment in the computer science and related industries or a pursuit of a research career.

Upon completion of the graduate certificate, the student will have:
demonstrated understanding of the software development process;
gained experience with the tools and techniques for software development;
demonstrated ability to define and describe formal models of computation;
demonstrated the ability to describe class-based resource usage models; 
demonstrated the ability to perform best case, worst case, and average case analysis of algorithms;
demonstrated the ability to explain and use the techniques of probabilistic and amortized analysis;
demonstrated knowledge of the concepts of computer systems.