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Goals of the IT Minor

The IT Minor at Salem State University is intended to:

G1: Provide students with a broad appreciation of the technical and social issues that are specific to Information Technology (IT).

G2: Provide students with an understanding of the technologies that lay in the foundation of IT such as: computer hardware architecture; system and application software installation, configuration, and management; data processing; information management; networking; information security; principles of human-computer interface.

G3: Allow students to gain experience in designing, developing, and implementing IT infrastructure for a typical set of requirements, thus preparing them to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with others within an IT environment.

G4: Allow students to increase their value for potential employers, as well as prepare them for further studies in the IT field, whether through self-study, specialized training courses, or graduate-level course work.

Objectives of the IT Minor

Upon completion of the IT Minor at Salem State University, a student will be able to:

O1: Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use current terminology, concepts and technology employed in the design and construction of an IT infrastructure.

O2: Demonstrate the ability to understand a particular implementation of an IT infrastructure within an organization, analyze a specific situation related to a particular task, and to communicate to IT professionals the technical requirements for an effective and efficient solution of a problem using appropriate terminology.

O3: Demonstrate the ability to present in written and oral form an analysis of a problem scenario and its possible solutions, to generate appropriate documentation, and to understand and verify a selected solution at each stage of its implementation.

O4: Demonstrate an awareness of the human, ethical and societal issues relating to the impact of IT on society and the ability to understand the needs of and to work with others within that framework.