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The 2016 presentation of the Thomas G. Lathrop Awards was held on Monday, May 2 at 11:00 in SB 310. The Thomas G. Lathrop Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Computer Science were established jointly by the Mathematics and Computer Science Departments at Salem State College, in honor of Professor Thomas G. Lathrop of the Mathematics Department. Professor Lathrop, who died in November 1978, was active in teaching computer courses and in the establishment of the first Computer Science Laboratory at Salem State College. 

This year's Computer Science recipients were Andrew Bugler, Anthony Calabresi, and Auguste Compaore. Professors Sotirios Kentrosm, Beifang Yi, and Joe Kazprzyk presented the awards to the recipients, respectively. Mathematics recipients were Albert Florez, whose award was presented by Professor Pedro Poitevin, and Katyana Sheridan, whose award was presented by Professor Brian Travers.