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Capstone Project Presentations

May 5, 2016

MH 206

These are the students who made presentations

Presentation TimeStudent(s)AdvisorProject TitleClass
8:25 am - 8:40 amAnthony CalabresiYi, BeifangOvercomeCSC521
8:45am - 9:00amGraham SteeleKaur, KomalpreetSoundcubeCSC520
9:05 am - 9:20 amDavid SouksomphangHatfield, BoCIE Event Tracking SystemCSC521
9:25 am - 9:40 amParker KahnHatfield, Bo2 Down DefenderCSC521
9:45 am - 10:00 amWilliam Alden DowKentros, SotiriosEncrypted MessagingCSC520
10:05 am - 10:20 amBrain KeiranKasprzyk, JosephCSCollabCSC521
10:25 am - 10:40 amAuguste CompaoreKasprzyk, JosephInventory Control System for Small BusinessesCSC521
10:45 am - 11:00 amJoe Fredrick HarrisHatfield, BoPatch Panel MapperCSC521
11:05 am - 11:20 amDonald KosovaKasprzyk, JosephLibrary ManagmentCSC521
11:25 am - 11:40 amNaizak Idriss BellemsiehKaur, KomalpreetReinforced Maze SolverCSC520
11:45 am - 12:00 pmNicholas ZessoulesKaur, KomalpreetDynamic Story Telling ApplicationCSC521
1:25 pm - 1:40 pmBortie TehKasprzyk, JosephPerformance Based Admissions Processing at the Community ColCSC520
1:45 pm - 2:00 pmJim NguyenKentros, SotiriosLeague of ClimbsCSC520
2:05 pm - 2:20 pmAndrew Phillip BuglerKentros, SotiriosAudit AdvisorCSC521
2:25 pm - 2:40 pmRory SullivanHatfield, BoCapstone Project RepositoryCSC521

3:05 pm - 3:20 pmErin Marie GriffithKasprzyk, JosephFormulateCSC521
3:25 pm - 3:40 pmYibo XuHatfield, BoOff-Campus Housing for SSU International StudentsCSC520
3:45 pm - 4:00 pmAhmed Abdulsalam ManabriHatfield, BoLet's Play SoccerCSC520
4:00 pm - 4:20 pmBeshoui WissaHatfield, BoJob PortalCSC520

Capstone Project Descriptions:

Student NameProject TitleProject Description
Anthony CalabresiOvercomeOvercome is a 3D. 3rd Person Perspective, Video Game in which an antagonist pursues the player through a maze. The player may win by defeating the antagonist or by finding the exit to the maze. Overcome was developed using the Unity 5 Game Engine and the C# programming language. A simple menu system and HUD are included.
Graham SteeleSoundcubeSoundcube is a command-line tool that takes brief audio wave samples as seed input and generates original, arbitrary-length, single-channel, polyphonic music as output. The central mechanism of Soundcube is a recurrent neural network trained on existing musical data, using a convolutional layer for feature detection, and a long short-term memory layer for preserving hidden state.
David SouksomphangCIE Event Tracking SystemThis web application allows an administrator in CIE (Center for International Education) to post event jobs and allows students to sign up volunteering for the posted jobs. This application eliminates all the inefficient work that was currently conducted. Through the use of the application it showed an improvement of their progress, and with the upcoming years they will be able to use it for their annual event. Team member: Ayman Alotaibi
Parker Kahn2 Down DefenderAt motorcycle recovery system has been developed. The system consist of an embedded system on the bike,and software on a remote server. Once the system is locked intentionally for the protection, any moving motion of the motorcycle will trigger an on-board camera mounted on the embedded subsystem to initiate a sequence activities, such as pictures get sent to a remote server along with consist location updates.
William Alden DowEncrypted MessagingI will be designing and creating an application that will implement multiple methods to encrypt and securely transfer messages from one client to another with the help of a server application. This application will be able to compare overhead costs of each method, and I will provide an in depth analysis of the different encryption methods.
Brain KeiranCSCollabCSCollab is a web-based collaboration tool specifically geared toward students enrolled in the Computer Science major at SSU. It allows students to create a profile, sell/trade textbooks, review courses they have been previously enrolled in, form study groups, and provide helpful hints that they find other students may benefit from based on personal experience. It truly enhances the way students interact with one another outside of the classroom.
Auguste CompaoreInventory Control System for Small BusinessesAn Inventory Control System that will assist small businesses in tracking and managing their inventory across a single or multiple locations. The system will allow its administrators to define multiple user accounts and restrict user access so that no user has more rights than their job requires. Finally, the system will allow its user to generate meaningful reports based on a predefined set of criteria.
Joe Fredrick HarrisPatch Panel MapperA database-driven web application has been developed to help an IT department to better manage network wiring closets. The major functionality of this application covers (1) creating new patch panel maps; (2) retrieving existing patch panel maps; (3) editing existing patch panel maps; (4) deleting obsolete patch panel maps. The benefits to be gained by the application includes streamlining the documentation of connection paths and reducing related human errors.
Donald KosovaLibrary ManagmentThe system will allow performance of the actions needed in order to manage the library in a simple and comfortable way. The actions will include addition/removal of books, addition/removal of members, member and book searches, and much more.The system automates all the basic tasks like keeping record of all the book issuals, returns and fining etc. The user will find it easy in this automated system rather than using the manual writing system.
Naizak Idriss BellemsiehReinforced Maze SolverA maze is a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle as to which one has to find a way through. 2D mazes are the most common kind of maze you will see, these mazes can be very simple to very complex. Reinforced Maze Solver is an algorithm that will efficiently traverse any 2D maze. The algorithm will be implemented and compared to the already existing maze traversal algorithms, such as the A*, Dijkstra, alpha-beta pruning, greedy and others.
Nicholas ZessoulesDynamic Story Telling ApplicationThis project uses natural language techniques to create a dynamic story based on a pre-defined graphical structure. By defining vertices as key words we can generate sentences based on these words to tell a story as we traverse through the graph. The user is prompted and in full control of the traversal, making it a dynamic storytelling experience.
Bortie TehPerformance Based Admissions Processing at the Community ColThe health sciences departments at the Community College of Rhode Island have requested a process or processes that will help them select students to be admitted into the various programs. Currently, the admissions’ representatives for each health science program works with that chairperson to create a spreadsheet ranking applicants according to grades, test scores, and GPAs. They call this the performance-based health science admissions process. This has become a long and arduous process th
Jim NguyenLeague of ClimbsLeague of Climbs is a web application that allows players to look up other players statistics in any region. From players last 5 games, to any item stats that may have changed since a a previous update. This will give players a sense on how to approach their opponent in order to take control of Summoner's Rift!!
Andrew Phillip BuglerAudit AdvisorAudit Advisor is a specialized audit software package designed to address the unique standards for reporting federally regulated butterfat. To this end, Audit Advisor streamlines the process of generating commodity reporting documentation, while also providing an audit management tool to aid in timely report completion. To go beyond just federal compliance, Audit Advisor provides financial analysis tools to add real business intelligence and practical value to the auditing process.
Rory SullivanCapstone Project RepositoryThe goal of my Capstone project is to develop an application that will allow faculty to collect, organize, and store completed Capstone projects in one single repository. The application will allow faculty members to access and search completed Capstone projects at any time. Every completed Capstone project will be available, with all pertinent information regarding the project, and all deliverables associated with the project will all be available for download.

Erin Marie GriffithFormulateFormulate is a web app that offers various interactive tools to assist in the understanding and visualization of the interactions that occur between multiple physical forces and properties. Formulate was designed using a system-model-controller architecture that implements an Oracle database. Written predominately in Java and with Java web technologies.
Yibo XuOff-Campus Housing for SSU International StudentsA database-driven application is proposed to allow rental property owners to post available properties for rent, and to make available for Salem State University international students to search for properties to rent. The application also provides administrative functionality that guarantee the smooth operation of the application.
Ahmed Abdulsalam ManabriLet's Play SoccerIn the past, it was so hard for people who love playing soccer to find teams, or format teams to play soccer. The only way to play soccer is to know friends who also play soccer so you can form a team. It was so hard for anyone who didn’t have a team to find a team to play with. I’ll develop a software tool that is going to help the players to communicate easily so they can form a new team, or join an existing team much easier.
Beshoui WissaJob PortalThe project is a web application solution as a job portal service for both who is looking for a job as a job seeker and for companies that are looking for job seekers to hire them. It provides a service for any job seeker to search for a job and apply for it, and then wait for response from the job provider.