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Capstone Project Presentations

May 4, 2017

MH 206

Capstone Project Presentations will take place on May 4.

These are the students who are currently signed up:

Presentation TimeStudent(s)AdvisorProject TitleClass
8:45am - 9:00amDechun Wang
Dexin Wang
Yuhang Ding
Hatfield, BoTraekleCSC521
9:05 am - 9:20 amMichael Anthony AscenziKaur, KomalpreetControlled Learning for autonomous FlightCSC521
9:25 am - 9:40 amShane Colton MurphyKaur, KomalpreetTools For XLA EducationCSC521
9:45 am - 10:00 amPriyanka RanjitHatfield, BoSSU International Scholars Information Management SystemCSC521
10:05 am - 10:20 amAlexander Torres
Jasiel Lora
Kasprzyk, JosephCenter for Community Schools WebsiteCSC521
10:25 am - 10:40 amJenna Rose FulfordHatfield, BoAffordable Moving Co.CSC521
10:45 am - 11:00 amWei YuHatfield, BoAn Online Food Ordering and Management System for a UniversiCSC520
11:05 am - 11:20 amHayley Morgan KnightHatfield, BoMusic WebCSC521
11:25 am - 11:40 amSomtochukwu OfonagoroHatfield, BoSSU Club Events AppCSC520
11:45 am - 12:00 pmDavid Puglisi
Matt Ciulla
Will Dow
Kentros, SotiriosBitquote WebsiteCSC521
1:25 pm - 1:40 pmRyan BakerKentros, SotiriosAndroid Small Business Management ApplicationCSC520
1:45 pm - 2:00 pmMehdi KabbajHatfield, BoiManageCSC520
2:05 pm - 2:20 pmJiani Wu
Xinxin Guo
Hatfield, BoBattleCSC520
2:25 pm - 2:40 pmChristos SpanosKasprzyk, JosephPlanetBotCSC521
2:45 pm - 3:00 pmBeshoui WissaHatfield, BoJop Portal Web ApplicaitonCSC521
3:05 pm - 3:20 pmAhmed ManabriHatfield, BoLet's Play SoccerCSC521
3:45 pm - 4:00 pmPengkuong TaingHatfield, BoApartment Management SystemCSC520
4:05 pm - 4:20 pmJim NguyenKentros, SotiriosLeague of ClimbsCSC521
4:25pm - 4:40pmWeicheng LiaoHatfield, BoNew Capstone Project Presentations Sign-up web applicationCSC520

Capstone Project Descriptions

Student NameProject TitleProject Description
Dechun Wang

Dexin Wang

Yuhang Ding
TraekleIn this presentation, we will report and demonstrate various features of the complete Traekle mobile application. We implemented a three-tiered architecture in the development of this project. At the front end, the application offers both an Android App and an iOS App that provides an interface from either an Android-based or an iPhone-based mobile device. At the back-end, a database is maintained to store all necessary information to support the application. Many important key features of our application reside in the middle layer that connects the front-end and the back-end. The middleware we developed took an “one size fits all” approach that allows different platforms at the front-end to connect to the same database at the back-end. We will present the various features developed for the middleware. In addition, a special interface was also developed to allow the monitoring and managing of the system by an administrator. Group members: Dexin Wang, Yuhang Ding
Michael Anthony AscenziControlled Learning for autonomous FlightControlled learning is an application for exploiting the close relationship between a labyrinth board and a quad copter. This allows for testing and designing quad copters including flight controls and autonomous flight in a controlled environment. The design utilizes parallels between aerial/satellite imagery and flight principles for manipulating a mechanical rig that mimics quadcopter flight principles.
Shane Colton MurphyTools For XLA EducationSupplementing core CS concepts with alternative [non-conflicting] models of representation can be of benefit to the student; for the visual learner, intuition comes from seeing and touching.I propose a set of tools for the exploration of an alternative representation of Boolean logic [X-Stem or X-Stem-Like] for students with Learning Differences and/or Visual Learners. The project will focus on designing and programming an input device for each of the 16 binary truth functions used in XLA.
Priyanka RanjitSSU International Scholars Information Management SystemThe purpose of this project is to replace paper based system to a computerized database driven system for CIE to perform various tasks in managing international scholars information. This system creates and maintains a database that stores all needed information related to the international scholar exchange program
Alexander Torres

Jasiel Lora

Center for Community Schools WebsiteGroup Members: Jasiel Lora & Alexander Torres The purpose of our project is to design and build a website for the up and coming Center for Community Schools here at Salem State. The CCS section of Salem State’s website is very limited in functionality.Our goal is to create a completely new and separate website that will bring together all the helpful information and resources provided by the center to help more people get involved.
Jenna Rose FulfordAffordable Moving Co.Affordable Moving Co. is a web application that allows potential customers to learn about the business and the services it offers. Customers can obtain a free quote and contact the business owners. An Admin will be able to manage quote requests, schedule jobs on a calendar and keep track of completed jobs.
Wei YuAn Online Food Ordering and Management System for a UniversiAn online food ordering and management system for a university is being proposed. It is a 3-tired application: an Android platform mobile application at the front-end to allow students and faculty to order food items; a database at the back-end to store all necessary information to support the application; and a middle layer to allow the communication between the front-end and the back-end. This application will provide a way for students and faculty to check posted food menu and make food order
Hayley Morgan KnightMusic WebA database driven android application that helps the user discover closely related music artists based on ones that the user already knows. The app will show a visual “web” representation of recommended music artists based on the music artist that the user specified. Through this web, the user can navigate to a recommended artist's songs, preview them, and add them to his or her personal list.
Somtochukwu OfonagoroSSU Club Events AppA mobile application that allows Salem State University students to view upcoming events on campus. The app will allow club/organization leaders to post events on to the app for students to see. The app will also feature an administrator who has the ability to delete posts and add clubs onto the app database.
David Puglisi
Matt Ciulla
Will Dow

Bitquote WebsiteWe have created a website that periodically gathers Bitcoin prices and news from a variety of sources, stores them in a searchable database and displays the data on the site in user-friendly charts and scroll-able text boxes. We have also implemented a login system to allow user searching. Our team consists of David Puglisi, Matt Ciulla and Will Dow.
Ryan BakerAndroid Small Business Management ApplicationThe purpose of this project is to create an Android application that will allow contractors to manage parts used and hours worked on a jobsite. The application will have a login for each employee that will allow the user to scan items and enter job details. It will allow the owner or manager of the company to generate a bill and either email it to the customer, or print it.
Mehdi KabbajiManageiManage is an IOS application that will help "Chez Rachid" to replace its current paper-based inventory management system with a computer-based system. It will improve the accuracy of orders and help the company to figure out exactly how much inventory it needs to have on-hand. The primary goal of iManage is to increase the efficiency and productivity for the company. iManage will also involve barcode scanners that eliminate manual processes so that employees can focus on more important business tasks.
Jiani Wu
Xinxin Guo
BattleBattle is an IOS based two-player game application. It is played on a single mobile device. It has a single game entry but consists of 4 individual games that players can play and accumulate their total scores. These games cover three types: a card game, a math game, and 2-D animation games. The game data of the leader-board will be updated instantly when a player's score changes. Team member: Xinxin Guo
Christos SpanosPlanetBotAn interactive and fun application that highlights the vast distances between the planets in our solar system and Earth. The user selects a planet from a GUI, gets some basic information about the chosen planet and then has the option of talking to a chat bot that simulates the time delay between responses. The chat history is later stored in a database.
Beshoui WissaJop Portal Web ApplicaitonJob Portal is a web application that allows companies to post jobs, view applicants for specific jobs, accept or decline applicants. They can post many jobs as they want, and delete at any time. Also the web application allows job seeker to search for jobs and apply for suitable ones, and delete their request for job at any time. users of application whether employers or job seekers can manage and edit their profiles.
Ahmed ManabriLet's Play SoccerLet's play soccer web application is now implemented and fully functioning. Players can now register and create teams, or join existing teams. Once a team is created, the team leader can send messages to players, or expel players from the team if needed. Also, a team leader is allowed to resign and assign another player as the new team leader. In addition, an administrator can login to perform several privileged actions.
Pengkuong TaingApartment Management SystemThe main aim of this web application is to keep track of the record and information of the tenant. It provides ability to maintain day to day operation of the apartment. This application help them to keep track of the tenant’s bill every month. With this application, they can easily save all important data and can easily look up for that information quickly, which in turn save a lot of time and energy.
Jim NguyenLeague of ClimbsMy Capstone project is a web application that allows you and your teammates to look up professional player statistic for League of Legends. This allows you to have a sense of what combination of items and character are good during this season. The main goal of this web app is to help you improve your skills and mechanics!
Weicheng LiaoNew Capstone Project Presentations Sign-up web applicationCreate a new capstone project sign-up web application by adding some new functions that allow the administrator to sign in to modify student and faculty information, set up time slots; Allow faculty sign up to view all signed up students and have the ability to view and approve the project description; Allow student to sign up or cancel in individual or team form, and have the ability to modify sign-up information.