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Capstone Project Descriptions:

Student NameProject TitleProject Description
Alexander AnisimovAcademic Advising Sign Up - Maintenance and an Android AppThis project involves the adaptive maintenance of the current department academic advising application. It includes (1)adaptive maintenance, (2) perfective maintenance, and (3) creation of an Android mobile application. In addition to working some important maintenance to the advising application, an Android application will be developed to allow students to login and manage their advising appointments right from their smartphones.
Ziling Xie93 Grand Auto Group93 Grand Auto Group is a database-driven web application that is intended to help the auto group to perform various functions in the second-hand automobile sales business. It will be developed for four different types of users, ranging from the business owner to the customers. It will utilize a relational database to store all necessary business information, have built-in business logic and a user-friendly interface.
Wenhui SuDevelopment of an E-Commerce Application for a Fish CompanyThe main purpose for my capstone project is to develop an e-commerce web application for Su Fish Company. It is to manage all the information that are involved in the process of buying fish from local fishermen and selling of fish to customers. It will replace the current paper-based business process.
Ryan DuvalMyMedical ApplicationMy name is Ryan Duval and my girlfriend and I both suffer from an autoimmune disease that effects the thyroid called Graves’ disease. Both of us must habitually take multiple different medications at all different times during the day. Sometimes though, you break the habit and it becomes extremely difficult to remember which medicine to take and when. After discussing these frustrations one night, an idea came to light in my head. Seeing as we both take many medications and are very into our hea
Justin CodairLet's LinkLet’s Link is a mobile app that provides a community for people to find and/or create activities. Upcoming activities can be displayed to a user. These are curated results chosen through the user’s specified interests. A user can make a choice to attend or cancel an activities. A user can also create a new activity of his/her interests to become the organizer of the event. Other functionalities will be defined and implemented.
Dipak KhadkaResturant Order And Delivery Notification Automation SystemThe application will be platform to operate the business for owner and as well as the convenient means for the client to communicate with the restaurant using different technological tools. The graphical user interface will provide customer to play around with its feature and place an order as per their needs. They will be able to see the food and price of each item and can choose the best course of meal by themselves. Meanwhile it will show the information related to the food they want t
Shannen EdsonDND Personality TestA web application will be developed to train a new Dungeons and Dragons player to get her started. She would first take a personality test, which will place her with a race and a class to start. Then related information will be displayed to her for creating her character sheet. After she plays the game for a while, she can login again and update her level and learn related information.
Erin FooteConnecting on CampusA web application to allow students to connect when they are feeling alone and have no one else to talk to or spend time with. They can create profiles that state their interests, which will better help them meet people that share their interests. Students will also have the ability to message each other and set up meetings on this website.
Colby LeclercAdvanced Garden MonitorA continuous monitoring system that captures sensor data points which continuously describe the state of the plant’s environment. Once recorded, this data can then be viewed graphically. In more sophisticated setups, we can actually automate the task of keeping parameters such as temperature, humidity, and soil moisture within their proper bounds.
Emma HallStudent ConnectedStudent Connected is a web-based application that is built using the symphony framework. This project accomplishes the task of connecting different types of users to a student’s individual educational plan as well as neuropsychological testing. In all Student Connected is a project that is rooted in aiding a student’s support system in the understanding of different aspects of the given student’s educational profile; which, subsequently, has potential to ultimately influence their learning appr
Daniel ArrickuTutoruTutor is a tutur on demand app. This is the second iteration on the app adding new functionality and communications between students and tutors. Some of the new functionality added includes accepting communications, chat functions, document uploading, google sign in api
Owen Apile KasoziContent Delivery NetworkThe objective of this project is to build a PULL content delivery/distribution network (CDN) which is a system of servers (that are networked) that deliver web pages and other web content to end users based on the geographic location of that end user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server. Building this project will help me gain a better understanding of the delivery of content to end users, network traffic management as well as network architecture and infrastructure.
Ryan JacobbergerWorkout PlannerCreate a website where a user will create a username and login information to the site. The purpose for the site is to create a workout programs for people to follow. There will be preset workout programs already created on the site for new users to look at for guidance when creating a new program. Users can create a workout plan and post it on the site for others to view and use the plan.