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Capstone Project Descriptions:

Student NameProject TitleProject Description
Fadi NassereddineA Peer-to-Peer File ManagerA cross platform software that can connect with other instances on separate machines and pool together storage. It is able to efficiently partition a file and store it on different nodes (or on the same system) and reassemble the file on a later date. One specific instance (or node) can communicate with other nodes to determine if it can send a partition of a file or not.
Kevin MeloInternet ForumInternet forum web application made to be used by the CS department. A user is able to register an account and upon verifying their email address by clicking a link they are then able to login. As a registered user you are able to write comments and send private messages. Registered users are also able to search for other forums that have already been created.
Sudeep SharmaE-commerce management systemThe main objective of this project is to replace the garment business run solely by paper with fully functional web application where admin will be able to manage and sell products online. On the customer side, customer once login/register can view different products according to categories and add products to his/her shopping cart.
William McDonoughTOR VPN GatewayMy presentation will be on the discovery of the TOR VPN Gateway Protocol(s). I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the TOR Protocols. Discuss my findings and provide you information how to remain anonymous on the Internet. This will be accomplished by review of my initial preposal within CSC520
Victor YasiucheniaMind Speller : P300 classification using EEG signalsBrain Computer Interface (BCI) helps people with severe neural muscular disorders to communicate and control devices using brain signals. The goal of this project is to design a P300 classifier that will help convey the user’s intent. The required EEG signals will be recorded from the scalp using EMOTIVE EPOC+ cap. P300 response recorded from the cap will be used to control the BCI that will allow the user to type single letter at a time.
Lorina SinanajCurrency Exchange Web ApplicationA reliable web application was designed and being implemented, which can help a currency exchange business to efficiently manage the actual process of currency conversion transactions management across multiple branches. The application is designed for the use by admins and customers as well. As a result the time and efforts for currency conversion transactions by hand are greatly saved through this automated system and profits will be improved with better and easy reporting.
Oliver Justice MurdochTonalTuneThe TonalTune mobile app will be an android based application that will tune string instruments into their respective correct frequency with a higher accuracy than human detection. The app will have a primary focus on Guitar and it’s various 6-string tunings, however it will support multiple string instruments like the Ukulele and Bass Guitar. The user will also have the ability to use either an instrument preset tuner (string by string) or a chromatic for the more experienced.
Miguel JimenezTurn-Based RPGProject represents an attempt to replicate the functionality of primitive turn-based role playing games (RPG) where players assume control of a character for the span of a given narrative. Game was designed only with text in mind meaning that it does not feature pictures of any kind. Project involves the use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is used to display relevant information to players. Overall, this project prioritizes GUI functionality at the expense of play time.
Connor Sullivan &
Anthony Pham
Project ZenWe have created a mobile android application created using Android Studio and Processing 3. This app contains various activities that can help a user with stress. These activities include a breathing guide (Zephyr), various games (Entertain), and a journal with both venting and logging options (Narrate), which will either allow the user to watch their troubles fade into the wind, or they can save them as a daily journal if they so wish. We hope Project Zen can bring you to a state of Zen.
Anuda SharmaSalon Management SystemSalon Management System is a web based application which allows the management team to post, update information, and keep track of customers and their appointments. In addition, it provides ways for customers to browse for information, make appointments, check appointments, and give feedback. The main objective for developing this Salon Management System Project is to manage all the information of the salon services.
Alexander PipesForeverBoardForeverBoard is a web application that allows anonymous users to draw live together. A unique quality of ForeverBoard is that depending on what url extension you go to, anything that's been left drawn there will still be on the whiteboard. The goal of ForeverBoard is to give a live community drawing experience to an ever growing and infinite amount of possible whiteboards people can experience! Maybe you can find a hidden url extension that somebody left a piece of art on.
Ty DawsonPython Arcade GameUsing the Python language, the IDLE environment, and Pygamepackage resources, an object oriented arcade-style graphical game will be implemented. A player characters, enemies, levels, and scoring elements will be implemented in a polymorphic style in order for a simpler further customization and application of a basic "beat 'em up" style video game.
Daniel McLaughlinDigital Watermarking ApplicationAn application which will create a watermark based off of user input for alternative copyright purposes and then embed it within a host image using an embedding algorithm based off of Discrete Wavelet Transformations in order to prevent irreversible decomposition. The user created watermark can be extracted from the host image to prove ownership of the image.
Dorje Namgyal SherpaA Real Estate CRM project: BostonEstateBuddyThis capstone project aims to provide a portal for home buyers as well as agents to collaborate and work on a property purchase together; in overall, this project aims to be a standard medium which is to be used by a more general parties of individual agents or, property realtors. It provides all necessary functions involved in real estate standard practice.
Shauna Hunt & Angela FassioMusic RecognitionThe purpose of this project is to help users identify a song that they might not know the name or artist of. This application will allow users to play a song and have an easy-to-use mobile application recognize the song and display its general information such as: artist, song name, and album art of the song. This will be achieved by creating a dataset of songs and audio sampling them using the K-nearest neighbors’ algorithm; comparing the peak values within the song and finding the closest matc
Kent PinaP/V Resource managementThe purpose of this project is to demonstrate the advantages of moving critical servers/services to a virtual environment instead of having a dedicated server for each service. We will show how these servers (physical & virtual) behave under stress and how to manage the CPU and RAM resources on a virtual environment so our servers/services take advange of the resources that are not being used by other servers/services that are also being virtualized.
John CooperSMS Messaging appAn application created for android phones in android studio that is able to send and receive SMS messages. It organizes conversations and displays them in a way that is neat and is easy to navigate. Users of the app may send messages using their phone number and receive messages from any other phone number.