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Our Mission

Computer Science
Computer Science is simultaneously one of the most pragmatic disciplines and one of the most conceptual.

It must be pragmatic because of the rapid pace of technological change.   Not only computer professionals but also virtually everyone who is a more than casual user of computers is continually confronted with new tools to be learned and skills to be mastered.  Members of the technical cadre that produce all this technology for us are not exempt: they also must learn ever more rapidly evolving methodologies if they are to continue to contribute to the progress of the field.  These societal and professional growth needs require that a Computer Science curriculum undergo continual review and evolution.   Its graduates must be suitably equipped to "hit the ground running" - to begin performing productive work without extensive additional training.   Therefore, appropriate courses should include treatment of up-to-date and in-demand operating systems, languages, tools and applications - the pragmatic features of the discipline.

On the other hand, the education provided must be conceptual because any specific instance of pragmatic content may have a relatively short useful life.   Keeping up with the latest new tools and methods is done most effectively when the conceptual component of the undergraduate education has provided a strong base. New developments may then be understood not as isolated phenomena but as additions or changes within an already well-established broader framework.   The efforts and costs involved in acquiring new skills are lessened if the basic education has provided a sufficiently conceptual understanding of the field.

In order to achieve pragmatism and conceptuality simultaneously, Computer Science courses at Salem State University have been designed around fundamental ideas and application areas in the field (as indicated in the course titles). Concepts are presented through the medium of real, current examples, reviewed and updated frequently, in order to include the strong pragmatic flavor desired.

College of Arts and Sciences (host College of the Computer Science Department)
The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences at Salem State University is central to the mission of the entire institution. The college offers liberal arts and professional degree programs and, at the same time, fulfills the broader purposes of general liberal education. The College thus plays an important part in the intellectual, aesthetic, and personal growth of all students at the university, and it prepares them to be responsible members of a changing pluralistic society.
Through its attention both to the particular and to the more universal aspects of education, the College of Arts and Sciences prepares students to meet the complex, often unpredictable challenges of the future and to appreciate the satisfactions of a full life.
Specifically, the Mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to:

  • assist students in the development of their mental and physical abilities.
  • stimulate students' ability to think critically and to communicate clearly.
  • encourage an understanding of the connections between human beings and their physical environment.
  • prepare students for responsible participation in the process of human interaction, from the personal to the global.
  • provide for familiarity with methods of inquiry and means of expression in the arts and sciences.
  • develop an understanding of the historical and cultural backgrounds of the arts and sciences.
  • support other areas of the college in their efforts on behalf of students.
  • promote scholarly and creative activity among all members of the college community.
  • foster free and informed explorations across disciplinary lines and among diverse groups.
  • promote, throughout the college, a sense of community and mutual respect.
  • provide an environment that encourages the personal flexibility conducive to emotional and intellectual growth.
  • continue to explore, in the spirit of liberal education, new avenues of learning and to take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they occur.
Salem State University

Salem State's mission is to provide a high quality, student-centered education that prepares a diverse community of learners to contribute responsibly and creatively to a global society, and serve as a resource to advance the region's cultural, social and economic development.